Welcome to CryptoMinds!

We are a community-driven team, with years of experience making hit games, creating a puzzle game collection.

What is CryptoMind?

CryptoMinds are 7,777 brains living on the Ethereum blockchain, backed by our puzzle game collection. We are making fun win-to-earn puzzle games with our expert team of developers, designers, and artists working 10+ years in the mobile game industry creating games that 30+ million players enjoy. We are here to make great games and be pioneers of the crypto gaming industry.

Holder’s Benefits:

Part of the benefits of investing in CryptoMinds for our awesome holders.

You will have a share in our profits from the games! We would never forget your support!

 You will have special privileges in our p2e games! More lives, hints, boosters, high score cash rewards, etc.

You will have boosted chance on our daily CryptoMinds NFT giveaways! (1,111 CryptoMind pool is allocated for giveaways!)

You can win NFTs and $ETH on the game we will be releasing on our mint day!

You will receive airdrops, from tokens to art! We have so much stuff planned out!

Early access to our games, future collection drops, and other projects we help build!

Exclusive whitelist club, community events, and Marketplace!

So much more surprises we have planned for our holders and early supporters!

CryptoMinds Collection

7,777 cool brains living on the Ethereum blockchain.

CryptoMinds Roadmap!

Our Roadmap is designed on what we know we can achieve in the long run with the resources we already have and projects we’ve built in the past!

  •  - 1 . Win to earn

    – We will give away whitelist spots through collaborations and a series of games that will be published before mint.
    – We plan on selling 7,777/6,666 CryptoMinds and creating a supportive community.
    – We will mint the remaining 1,111 CryptoMinds and we plan to give them away as in-game rewards, Holder raffles, and public giveaways.
    – We will publish an exclusive game on the mint day for the holders to win ETH and more CryptoMinds!
    – We have been dedicating developers and designers to p2e game research for almost six months! It’s time to get to the action! We will focus on the production of our SDKs and bases for the p2e product!

  •  - 2 . Play and Earn

    – We will give our community the option to vote on each game release. We will give you options and you will help us decide on the next game! And with our experience, we deliver the best gaming experience we can to you!
    – We will launch our $Brain token which is used in our games! People can earn, buy and spend the token!
    – We will publish each game and do our best marketing efforts for each one to get to the top!
    – What’s the benefit of the holders you ask? It gives you a share in the profit we generate from our games and each CryptoMind is a boosting ticket for you in-game. You can earn more while playing, get more hints, lives, chances, or whatever mechanic we implement in the game! You also get more chances for our in-game CryptoMind giveaways.

  •  - 3 . Play to Earn

    – We will increase the rate of our development and expand our platforms!
    – We will finalize and stabilize the economies on our platform creating a sustainable cycle for the games, players, and balanced p2e user economies with the platform’s income!
    – We will create game-based collections with unique perks, and in-game NFT breeding systems.
    – We will expand our work into online p2e game research and development to make massive mega-hit games!
    – We will release Roadmap version 2.0!

Expert Team

This collection is the result of the efforts of many friends and colleagues, who have been with us since the beginning of the journey and always help us to improve our products.


Crypto Raymo

Project Manager
With a background of running game and app development companies and teams for 8 years, and actively working in the crypto field, working with some of the biggest names in the mobile game industry, he has generated tens of millions of installs on the games he was involved with. Now bringing his experience to the nft space

Crypto Maze

Oprations Manager
10 years of experience managing teams in different fields of game industry. Worked with some of the biggest brands in the mobile gaming. Studying tokenomics and sustainability of p2e ecosystem.


Game Dev Manager
Studied as a computer engineer specialising in software programming, a passionate game developer who worked on many gaming projects and now finding a new light in NFT projects. He's If there's a game. He can make it.

Aaron Alarie

Technical Manager
Master of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Game and app developer with 10 years of experience in full-stack programming and selling custom games, working with huge telecommunications and financial companies.

Celyn Meylor

Marketing Manager
12 years of experience as Game Designer and Team Manager with game developing companies. Worked with teams making games for famous companies like Disney, Lego, IBM and etc. And most importantly, a hardcore gamer for more than 2 decades!!!


Web Platform Developer
One of the greatest freelancers on the planet and now working with us.he knows way too many coding languages and on his now 13 years journey he has worked on many websites as front and back-end developer. Finally settled helping us build the platform for our many great games!


Front End Developer
A Fabulous designer, artist, and front-end developer. He has a very creative mind and works very efficiently! He's proven himself again and again!


Art Director
More than 10 years of experience on the great fields of cartoons, animations and games has awarded him with more than 20 million views on his cartoons and a dozen of great games! He truly is one of the most creative minds in our group.


Community Manager
Video editing expert, voice actor, and a discord native full time rsidant. He's been running gaming communities and youtube channels and now he's helping us with creating and managing our great community.


Game Artist
A true artist! worked on multiple projects in the span of 5 years as background and character designer, 2D animator, pixel artist, asset creator for 2D mobile games and last but not least she is a great concept artist we're happy to have her on our team.

CryptoMinds are 7,777 brains living on the Ethereum blockchain-backed by our p2e puzzle game collection.

We are a community-driven team, with years of experience developing and marketing hit games with a track record of over 30M installs!

It’s a p2e puzzle game collection where the holders have very special privileges and profit shares.

The mint date will be published very soon! You can follow us on Twitter and join our discord to keep up to date with the news on it!

The public and the VIP mint price will be published on our Twitter and Discord accordingly. You can join our Discord and Twitter to stay tuned!

Frequently Asked Question

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